“Ken’s Fitness Plan Helped me lose 35 pounds in 12 weeks.”

Weight Loss and Body Fat“Hi, my name is Michele Brosey, and I did kens fitness plan and it kick my butt.. I lost weight every week on his fitness plan and I refered a few of my friends to work with Ken. They were please as well with his weight training program as well as his meal movement plans.”

Michele Brosey
Frisco, Texas

“…….not only I reduced my body fat by 5% using ken’s fitness plan and i got much more stronger and build a better stamina in myself”

“Ken’s fitness plan helped keep motivated me on my fitness plan and working hard on me for past 5 months. It seems they had lot more belief in me than me myself had. After 5 months not only I reduced my body fat by 5%, I got much more stronger and build a better stamina in myself. All the credit goes to Old School Fitness plan, our combined hard work paid rich dividends.”

–Smith Davis
Frisco, Texas

““…….it was my first contest and to my pleasant surprise I finished up as the third runner up, Ken I owe it all to his fitness plan and his expert guidance”

“I tried Ken’s fitness plan and it worked for me, my name is Lewis from Louisville KY. I was fascinated by body builders from my childhood and always had a dream to do well as a professional body builder. I have spent literally thousands of hours in gym training on my fitness plans. After i met with Ken I soon realized after a few workouts that my current fitness plan really sucked.  Over the years I was able to develop my body with many fitness plans but still was nowhere close to what I would require to participate in a contest. Then I met Ken and we discussed my current fitness plan and got many recommendations from him. The changes which he recommended his fitness plan that he set up for me and we rocked it. My specific body parts began to take shape which seemed impossible earlier. And it was not long before I got myself registered to participate in a contest. Though it was my first content and to my pleasant surprise I finished up as the third runner up, Ken I owe it all to you. Now I am more than sure with more time I spend at Old School Fitness I am further bound to improve my body and the day is not far when I would end up at the top.”

–Lewis Williams
Louisville, KY



“…. 41 pounds just disappeared from my body”

Weight Loss before and after“Hi there, I am Julia and work as a school teacher in Sacramento, California. Some six months back I weighed some 171 pounds and had huge accumulation of fat all over my body. I had tried q local gym fitness plan before few times but every time could not continue there may be due to lack of motivation and unnoticeable results. My diet primarily consisted of carbs and very less nutrition which meant I was just adding more to my body fat with generating very less strength carry on myself. Soon my knee joints began to hurt and it became very difficult for me to lead my daily routine life. Then God sent Ken into my life. He was so patient with me and understood me completely before giving his fitness plan recommendations. But when I started training with his team I could feel the changes taking place in my body. Within few months 41 pounds just disappeared from my body. Today I am much more fit and knee joint pain has also gone. Ken is truly an “Ellite Personal Trainer of Sacramento.”

— Julia
Before: 171 pounds
After: 130 pounds
Lost: 41 pounds



June 18, 2011

Ken Karnack, owner of Old School Fitness, has been my personal trainer and coach since March 2011. I am 43 and up until I was 30 I was in incredible shape. At 30 I got married, had kids and I forgot about me. I ballooned up to 280 lbs from 220 with a 29″ waste.
I did the weight loss diets, doctors etc for years. I started looking for help 10 years ago. I started having health concerns. Vision loss from phentermine diets, blood pressure over 153/110 and just plain out felt like I was dying a slow death. Being a former athlete and knowing what I was capable of made it worse. I came across Ken and what he has done at his age and said I could do that. So I contacted and determined to make a change. Ken has knowledge and experience and knows how to fix me. In my words I am broken. Quitting is easy but Ken keeps me on course and is more than a fitness and diet guru. He listens when I want to quit and throw the towel in. I am 249 now and stronger than I have been in years. For the first time I know I found the answer and it was not a tv show or fad diet. It was Ken Karnack!! In the end it will be because of him I will be able to say I am in the best shape of my life and healthy again. We are going to 220 lbs. This is a journey and Ken my navigator. I trusted him with my life and he is making it possible for me to set a positive example for my kids that they can do anything and how to stay healthy. My 13 year old son was fat when I started this. He watched me and he started to care about himself. He is lean right now and happy. So Ken has helped me in many ways and continues to. I cannot tell you what he has meant to me and my family!

– Roger Temecula, CA

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