Prime Fitness Center Provider – Anytime Fitness of Folsom CA

Prime Fitness Center Provider – Anytime Fitness of Folsom CA

Anytime Fitness of Folsom, CA is now a provider of the Prime Network with Healthy Lifestyles Prime Fitness Center Network –  Trader Joe’s of Folsom

What is the Prime Fitness Center Network?
The network offers employees a way to get a gym membership that is a health improvement sponsored fitness program in a health facility or a gym.

Prime network at anytime fitness

Your entry to the Prime fitness center network gives you a  complimentary membership to Anytime Fitness in Folsom health club. Anytime Fitness offers a non-intimidating atmosphere and is open 24 hours a day all year long.  If you are eligible, you can use amenities such as strength training, cardio, and private locker rooms with private showers for those on the go.
Is the membership available at no extra cost?

Upon eligibility your membership at our facility is provided at no cost to you! There are no extra signup or monthly fees for using our participating fitness centers in the Prime Fitness Center Network.
Which fitness centers may I attend?
If you are eligible, you may use any fitness center in the network. ( see  attend any Prime network fitness center countrywide. This means you can even work out when you are out of town for work or play.
Is it OK if I attend more than one gym in my area? 
Yes. You can go t 24 hour Fitness, Cal Fit, or any other gym that is shown in the network.  There is no limitations placed on the consumer as to how many different fitness centers you can join or go to.

This means you can go to Fitness Center A on Mondays, Fitness Center B on Tuesdays, Fitness Center C on Wednesdays, etc.
Can I join any gym that I want and still get the prime network?
Sure, but we only reimburse members of the Prime network listed. All other fitness centers may have a similar program, but we can only offer what we have to our members.
What if I already belong to a fitness center?
As long as the fitness center offers PRIME that your affiliated with, then we will honor your membership.  You have to enroll in the Prime network to be eligible. You can also opt to freeze your membership at your local health club and use the prime network with participating partners.

Why is the Prime network only available to members 18 years of age and older?

Most of the prime network fitness partners have strict age requirements becaus most gyms do not allow kids under 18 to use a facility unless they are with an adult. It is simply a liability reason.
Are all of the fitness centers in the network be handicap accessible?
we cannot guarantee full handicap accessibility, please check with your local fitness center before joining.
What if I have health problems?
If you have any health issues, you may want to consult a certified personal trainer as well as your doctor to make a unified decision if the facility is right for your needs, if not maybe a rehab facility would be best for you.


Join the Prime network now to get the benefits of good health.


If you need help applying please cal our office during normal business hours, at: (916) 337-9900 or email us at:

[email protected]

Anytime Fitness Of Folsom


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