Preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest Doesn’t End at The Sacramento Gym

Preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest Doesn’t End at The Sacramento Gym

My Olympia 2011, 12

My Olympia 2011, 12

When most people think about a bodybuilding contest, they think of the months or years of preparation that the contestants have put into sculpting their physique. They imagine many hours spent in the gym, grunting and sweating as a bodybuilder focuses on the dynamic interplay between his or her stamina and strength. What they don’t realize, however, is that there is an amazing amount of preparation that a bodybuilder must undergo just in the days leading up to a bodybuilding contest. In many ways, this preparation is just as important as the gym workout itself. Just as gym workouts vary from individual to individual, pre-contest preparation does as well. In this article, I’ll discuss just some of the way bodybuilders get themselves ready to compete.

Sacramento Support Team

One of the first things a bodybuilder will do is surround herself with a strong support team. A support team can consist of many members, each of which may specialize in one or two specific aspects of the performance. For example, a contestant might have someone who does his hair, another who does his makeup, and another who focuses on getting him his hardest, leanest look right before competition. Thus, a support team is more than just a coach, and successful bodybuilders put a lot of time into carefully selecting the individuals that make up this group. One type of support that can’t go overlooked is moral support, so most contestants will also have friends or family in their support team to cheer them on.


We’ve all seen the typical bodybuilding poses, but most observers of a contest don’t imagine that the bodybuilders have spent hours perfecting those poses. A good pose can make or break a contestant, so bodybuilders will spend a great deal of time holding poses, breathing while in a pose, and just walking around in a way that exaggerates their muscle definition.


Bodybuilders put a lot of time into tanning to maintain a darker color. Some say the darker color enhances muscle tone, others just believe it looks better. Either way, it is uncommon to see a bodybuilding contest with pale white contestants. Some contestants will keep a tan all the time by going to a tanning salon regularly, others begin tanning right before the contest. Most, however, also get a spray tan right before the contest. Planning ahead is important for this as well, as contestants who wait until the last minute and don’t get a base tan may have a spray tan application that looks blotchy and artificial.

Pre-contest Coach

Many professional bodybuilders will enlist the help of a coach to help them just before the contest. These coaches may specialize in methods to increase definition, the appearance of bulk, etc., as well as in motivational and confidence-building techniques. Many beginning bodybuilders can’t afford this sort of help, but having a pre-contest coach can make a huge difference in one’s chances to win.

When one thinks of all that goes into a bodybuilding contest, it’s impossible not to admire the motivation and devotion of the contestants. Bodybuilding is a sport that requires intense mental and physical discipline. That discipline extends beyond gym workouts to the extensive preparation involved in participating in a bodybuilding contest.


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