Sacramento Womens Only Boot Camp

Learn how Our Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Of Sacramento Destroys Fat Cells, With Masters Figure Champion Tania Hicks.


Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Of Sacramento


We Guarantee that you will get in shape fast with our women only Boot Camp program in record time. The key to burning fat is not do endless amounts of cardio all day long staring at the TV screen. Participating in a boot camp workout we will teach you everything we know about fat burning.

Women Only Fitness Boot Camp of Folsom was designed by certified personal trainers with years of experience and new fresh workouts that are designed to be hard, make you sweat and burn fat not just during your workout, but all through out the day. The fat burning concept of a cardio workout is boring and tedious and it DOES work, but who wants to spend 1-2 hours of time on the treadmill or stairs to lose weight?

Our goal is to help you get to your goal with less time spent in the gym, and give you maximum results with expert fitness coaches.

What Is Fitness Boot Camp?

Sacramento Boot Camp for Women is a results driven program that is is FUN, fat loss workout that anyone at any level of fitness can do, even beginners. Training with a coach and other women breeds support, motivation, accountability and is non-intimidating. Our facility in Folsom is small, personal and secure with 24 hour security, and is over 75% women, so there is no excuse as to why you cannot workout anymore. All workout times are from 9am-12pm Monday- Thursday, so there is no more running late or missing your starting time. Go at 9am sharp or 10:15, we will be there with your program ready to burn fat.  And the best part is every day there is a new challenge, and you take it at you personal pace. No need to keep up with others if your the shy type.  However, competition is encouraged!

All classes are led by Ken &  Tania Karnack, both competitive bodybuilder and figure athletes.  With a combined 35 years of experience, you will have the confidence and support you need daily!


Unlike working one on one with personal training clients, our programs are done in a group setting which makes them extra fun, and obtainable.  Working with clients ( campers) in a group, keeps the costs of the program dramatically reduced.

SO What Is This Science You Speak Of?

The secret to losing massive amounts of weight  is hitting the weights and cardio in short bursts.  Not long drawn our cardio that last for days on end.  The effect of the EPOC, ( Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) from doing short burst of exercise in a small amount of time during a workout say 10-45 seconds at full burst creates a fat burning environment all day long apposed to cardio that ONLY burns fat while cardio is being done, then the fat stops.  After a short workout of 15-30 minutes, your body will start to adapt to a new pathway of fat burning that will last for 24 hours daily.  There is nothing better than having a increased metabolism, the benefits are far superior than just doing cardio or doing weights and cardio combo that over time can most likely burn more muscle.

The biggest reason most workout programs fail is that there is too much initial stress to the body.  Most people are taught to jump in and do 1 hour of cardiovascular training from day one and then increase the amount or time of cardio by a few minutes weekly, (10 per day ) is the norm.. after a few weeks your doing well over and hour of cardio and from there, where do you go from there?  2? 3? hours?  Who has the time?



The Target Heart Rate Myth:

Did you know that the THR or Target Heart Rate training in your FAT BURNING ZONE was done by 2 guys i drawing up their formula on a napkin on a train?  True.  How many times have you been “In your zone” and never really burned off the fat you needed?

Steady state cardio only burns fat calories while you’re exercising, then it quickly stops after your done and brings your metabolism back to its normal state once you stop working
out, that’s pretty ineffective.  We do things a lot differently here at our Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Sacramento, which is why you’ll burn 2-3 times more fat calories during the day than with anyone else, AND you will continue to burn more day all day and night.

You will be put through different challenging workouts designed by us every day, some are easy, some are hard, and some will be really hard, but all doable.  Designed to keep you fresh and continuing to make progress each and every month.  Beating on people from day one screaming and yelling and making you do massive workloads day in and day out can and will cause your metabolic rate to slow down and force your body to just shut down and body fat will cease!  Most programs offer a real gut wrenching workouts, but not many of those people continue to make progress…  Ours lets you work hard, then harder, then maybe a little harder, then back off to an active rest week where the volume is decreased to let you keep making progress with out killing yourself..

Our unstoppable formula for fitness is going to keep you burning fat all day long, and there will be very limited extra cardio needed to get in condition.  It’s the type of workouts that makes our fitness boot camp so unique.

I wish I had pictures to show you of our boot camp classes but this our HISTORIC first class. So be a part of Folsom History.  Unlike most big box health clubs in Sacramento, we are inside of the New Anytime Fitness facility of Folsom.  Never crowded, no kids, lots of parking and non-intimidating facility is secure and is watched by 24/7 security.

Not only that, you will enjoy a FREE Gym membership with your purchase of  Boot Camp for as long as your a Camper.  (paid boot camp member).


To reserve your spot, email us at : [email protected]


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