Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

So you just finished a show and you did good, but you can always improve!  Have you been training on your own with out any guidance? So what would it take to get to the next level?  Most bodybuilders will come in the same shape, the size, the condition year after and expect to do better only to victim of their own plan.  I have seen a new trend in the sport, a lot of bodybuilders looking the same show after show, the same weight. Some need to be better conditioned, some need to add more muscle.  Remember when Ronnie Coleman competed, he averaged 9lbs a year, that is a lot of muscle.  Can you do the same?  Most likely not, Ronnie is an exception to the rule, a mass monster for sure.  YOU on the other hand, CAN improve, YOU can get better, but you can’t keep doing the same mas building workout in the off season.  You need change…

Remember gaining good quality muscle is just like losing weight, you need an energy balance. In this case you need more calories to balance out the scale..  eating 2000 more daily will just make you fat, oh dont worry you will gain muscle, but who wants to diet off all that extra energy…


As humans we all get stale, same workout, same days, same intensity, HARD yes, but is it really different stress to the muscles?


$500 – 16 WEEKS OFF-SEASON MASS BUILDING PLAN: consists of customized strength training program with progressions and rest times. Cardio plan and meal plan to build muscle not BULK UP! (male and female plans). Supplement recommendations, high protein customized diet with follow up pictures to make sure your not getting to hevyin the off-season, and unlimited questions and answers via email, text. We require before and progress pictures from start to finish.


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