How To Prepare For A Figure Competition Diet

How To Prepare For A Figure Competition Diet

How to start a successful figure competition diet, by Old School Fitness Coach.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is how do you look right now? Are you lean enough to start dieting for a show and how much time do you need to lose the amount of body fat that you currently have. If you have not had a figure coach or trainer do a body fat test on you, get one asap, it is a crucial part of process. Most people that do not do well in a contest is not that they don”t work hard, it is that thee TIME TABLE is off by a few weeks or a month.

Malika 5th place and Tania 6th place. Old schoo lFitness Does it again

Get a coach, at least 16 weeks out if not 20 weeks out to help. Most times competitors come to us at the last minute, like 2-4 weeks out and expect a miracle, it just doesn”t work like that. There is no GURU out that can ever claim to whip you in contest shape in a few weeks, if your body fat is not low enough.  Most Figure Competitors body fat are around 10-12% at the day of the show, if not something went wrong with the prep.  Don”t be that girl that worked your ass off only to not make the cut or the stage because you were not in your best shape.




Moving on to the Figure Competition Diet

So, one of the most asked questions i get asked is how many calories do I need as a female competitor to be in my best shape?  Well, most females will start around 12 calories per pound of LMM ( Lean Muscle Mass) not your overall body weight!  We want your food to feed your MUSCLE, not your FAT.  FAT just sits there waiting to be burned, lets not feed it anymore that what it currently needs.. Then we need to establish your caloric needs by how much you train, rest, cardio and basal metabolic needs as well.  This all counts. Don”t fall victim to the so called self proclaimed FITNESS GURU”S that use a cookie cutter diet plan that fits everyone.  If you dont believe me call a few of them and ask how many calories would i need to compete, and ask a friend to call that weights more, you may be surprised.  So if your 112 lbs, at 14% you may need 112 x 12-14 calories per pound LMM (96lb)= 1200-1400 calories per day to maintain.





I know most people like to cut calories below baseline, but I don”t think it is a good idea at all.  If we cut 500 calories out of this girls diet she would roulette be down to 900 calories to maintain muscle mass and create enough energy to workout, think, sleep, rest, do cardio, etc..  not a good plan..  what if we keep her at 1400 calories and have her EXPEND   more calories in the form of EXERCISE and then see how her body reacts to the training. She may only need a few days of 20-30 minutes of cardio weekly to drop dome fat, she may need more.  Normally we will assess the diet long with in person view in a suit, or online by pics sent weekly to see what needs to be done from there.  


What Foods Should I Be Eating For My Contest Figure Prep? 

Start out at 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fats this should get you on the right track.  After a week if your not dropping at least a pound, adjust your training first before the carbs. Add a few minutes to your cardio, 10 per day, not 1 HOUR..  that is total overkill.  next week your not changing add cut back the carbs for 3 days then raise them back up for 3 until something changes, either you get leaner or the weight drops.  This is where a figure coach comes in, when your doing this on your own.  Doing this on your own is tricky, you will always fool yourself or second guess your conditioning and trick your self either into shape or out of shape.


Hire a coach 

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