HIIT, Fastest Way To Sixpack Abs? (Interval Training, Tabata)

HIIT, Fastest Way To Sixpack Abs? (Interval Training, Tabata)

scoobysworkshop.com A lot of people are promoting interval training. Are you just wasting your time with old fashion walking, biking, and swimming? You’d think so from listening to everyone. Is interval training the best way to quickly lose that 20lbs of fat to get ripped abs? Benefits of interval training – burns more calories in less time – improves acceleration – improves speed – increases endurance Curious thing though, if interval training burns far more calories in the same amount of time why is it that the all the big health advocacy organizations like AHA recommend brisk walking rather than intervals as the best way to lose weight??? Its because there are other factors to consider when deciding what the best form of carido is! As an example, I’m an endurance athlete, I do half Ironmans and double century bike races. I can tell you from first hand experience that you can’t prepare for an 8 hour 200 mile bike race by just doing 4 minute tabata intervals. Nothing increases cycling endurance like TITS (Time In The Saddle). Interval training is a small but very important part of performance training in serious athletes. The biggest problem with interval training is the high potential for injury – especially with the overweight and undertrained! The reason that brisk walking is the #1 best way to for the average person to lose weight is that #1) you can do it anywhere anytime. You dont even need to change clothes to do it nor do you need to shower afterward. You can do it…

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