Fat Loss Secret – Sacramento

Fat Loss Secret – Sacramento

Fat Loss Secret – Sacramento Personal Trainer Guide To Fat Loss

In my last email I showed you, step-by-step, how to figure out the
exact number of calories you need to lose fat, gain muscle, sculpt,
shape, tone, tighten… it’s a goal-based formula so it always
works. The fat loss secret is a live and well. 

Simply put, it’s all about the calories.

(plus some other stuff)
The Fat Loss Secret Plan

But once you know your daily calorie requirements, there are a few
savvy strategies to help you make your vision of a better body into
reality. Added bonus: You’ll look and feel great for life.

Fat Loss Secret #1: Eat small meals, every few hours

With all the so called fat loss secret diet fads out there, it’s not only tough to pick the

best nutrition plan–but to stick with it. Forget about the concept
of eating only three daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

In order to burn fat and maintain muscle, you’ll need six small
meals throughout the day. Eating frequently keeps your blood sugar
levels stable, improves your body’s use of protein, and reduces

In other words, eat a portion-controlled meal every two to three
hours to feed your muscles. And here’s an added benefit: More
muscle means you’ll burn more calories, 24 hours per day. Plus
you’ll avoid feelings of fatigue (due to low blood sugar) after
extended periods of fasting.

Fat Loss Secret #2: Combine food for success

If you eat nutritious foods and control your portion sizes, yet
have trouble reducing your waistline, you’re probably eating the
wrong combination of food at some or all of your daily meals.

For example, your typical breakfast meal may consist of
whole-grain cereal with skim milk, rye toast, and a tall glass of
orange juice. While these popular American breakfast food choices
are “healthy,” the meal has two extra servings of calorie-dense
carbohydrates (toast, juice) and no significant protein portion.

“You should eat a fist-sized portion of protein and a fist-sized
portion of dense carbohydrates at every meal. This will deter high
insulin levels,” says Barry Sears, Ph.D., biochemist and author of
The Zone. High levels of insulin tell the body to store
fat–conveniently around your midsection and other unsightly

The fat-stockpiling nature of insulin is a survival mechanism, like
an emergency power generator, so your body continues to function
until you eat your next meal.

So, if your goal is to increase lean muscle and reduce fat, you
should look at your plate and be able to identify the protein and
carbohydrate portions.

Another key fat loss secret fact: Studies show that adding a portion of protein to
each meal keeps you satisfied longer so you consume fewer calories

I like to swap out my protein food portions with a protein shake
when I’m on the go.
Now that you know the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, you must begin your journey to having a healthy, lean, and sexy body. Flushing out all the unwanted little critters in the body will make your body lose the fat and keep it that way forever. Of course, you should also start changing your eating habits by cutting down on trashy food and embracing healthier food.

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