Entering a Bodybuilding Contest – It’s Not For The Weak

Entering a Bodybuilding Contest – It’s Not For The Weak

Bodybuilding Contest – Its harder than you think.  When deciding to enter a bodybuilding contest it’s not for the weak-minded. It takes a lot of time, effort and of course, talent to be able to succeed in this kind of sport. You have to be mentally and physically ready for taking on a bodybuilding contest. The participants of this sport need to be in shape, for the challenges involved with bodybuilding. Generally speaking, not all are cut out to be in a bodybuilding contest. It takes years of strength training and a lot of stamina to compete in bodybuilding. Confidence and being in shape are probably the most important trait to being able to compete in a body building show.

The training for a bodybuilding contest takes at least a year or more of time to get in shape, before starting your first show. Then after that you’d probably just have to keep in shape and work for months to get ready for each bodybuilding contest showing. Training consists of weight lifting great amounts to maintain muscles needed for bodybuilding contest. Also, the bodybuilder must keep track of a balance diet to keep himself in shape for the bodybuilding contest.  A male bodybuilder must lower his body fat to at least 5% or lower. But a female bodybuilder must go to at least 10% or lower on body fat.

Bodybuilding Contest Prep

A competitor also must shave their body for the show. This shows off their physique and also allows the competitor to see their progress before the bodybuilding contest. A bodybuilder also needs to maintain a good tanning program for the bodybuilding contest.

There are also a lot of poses that a bodybuilder entering a bodybuilding contest must learn. The poses are as follows: Front Double Biceps, Front Lat Spread, Side Triceps, Side Chest, Back Double Biceps, Abdominals and Thighs plus, they have a free posing round in a bodybuilding contest also. Some competitions are close and this free posing round can easily determine, if you’re the winner on not. So, having a good idea on your free poses can make the difference on how well you do, at the body building show.

There are three rounds of competition before the posedown in a bodybuilding contest. The posedown involves the best participants out of all of them. This is the last round with unrehearsed poses to determine the winner, at the end of the bodybuilding contest. You must do your best to impress the judges. With the right determination and training a bodybuilder can go far in any bodybuilding contest.

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