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Brandon Kring – Nor Cal Men’s Physique 1st place ( qualified nationals) 2016

12th place USA Nationals men’s Physique 2016

Phil Cherio – 6th place Mens Nationals Bodybuilding

Cane Bishop- Bodybuilding 2nd place ( Earned Pro Card)

Anthony Hughes– Sacramento Men’s Physique Show- 3rd place ( qualified nationals 1st show)

Bret Fair-Sacramento Men’s Physique 6th place

Tahoe Show– NPC Men’s Physique, 4th (2013) 1st show

Malika Bright– Reno Show- 5th place (1st show)

Sacramento Show Figure- 6th place

Tania HickS

Reno Championships – NPC Over 50,  6th (2013)
Sacramento Championships – NPC, Light Weight, 1st (2011) 1st show
California Governor’s Cup – NPC, Figure 45+, 6th (2013)
California Governor’s Cup – NPC, Figure B, 5th (2013)
California Governor’s Cup – NPC, Figure 40+, 9th (2013)
Muscle Contest (So Cal) – NPC, Figure A, 8th (2013)
Muscle Contest (So Cal) – NPC, Figure 50+, 1st (2013) 

Brittany Green – Sacramento Show- NPC Bikini DNP ( 2012) 1st show

Ginnemae Tahoe Show  NPC Bikini Open,) 1st (2012) 1st show

Kris Nord, Tahoe Show,  Mens Physique open 4th (2012) 1st show

Alex Montes – Clovis Bodybuildng Championships, 4th open (2011) 1st show


Rocky Mountain Championships – NPC, Masters 40+, 4th (2010)

Ken Karnack – Reno Championships- NPC Mens over 40+ DNP

Ken Karnack – PA State – NPC 6th place Mens open (1991)


Hi, and Welcome To Your Contest Prep Coaching program. Hiring a contest coach for your next show could be the difference between 1st place and second.. Or placing or not placing. Using someone to watch over your meals, and your program is one of the best ways to get in great condition. Doing it on your own is 100% possible, but when you hire a personal coach, your accountability factor goes up 10 fold. For some of us bodybuilders and figure competitors out there spend lots of money on supplements, diet books, programs and food, yes food. It all costs money and hiring a personal trainer in person may not be a part of your budget.. Hiring a coach online is one of the most economical ways to get all the help you need for your prep.


Read about Old School Fitness GURU Prep Coach of the Week on Rx Muscle











See the NPC Contest prep coaching schedule below



anthony hughes

Congrats to Anthony Hughes Old School Fitness sponsored athlete, taking 3rd in his first Men’s Physique show in Sacramento and qualifying for nationals.







malika 6th place Sacramento Figure open class

malika 6th place Sacramento Figure open class













Team Old School having fun at the Sac show

Team Old School having fun at the Sac show

Bret Fair, Anthony Hughes and Gabe Liberman, Sacramento Men's Physique Team Old School

Bret Fair, Anthony Hughes and Gabe Liberman, Sacramento Men’s Physique Team Old School

Mens Physique Tahoe Show, Old School Fitness Team member.

Mens Physique Tahoe Show, Old School Fitness Team member.



Congrats to Bret fair, placing top 5 in his first Men’s Physique Show in Tahoe.  Bret took 4th place in very competitive class. Bret is setting his sights for The Sacramento Show this winter.  
















fred brunton

Fred is not a competitor but a member that has dedicated himself to losing weight. Fred started a few months back and has made great progress. down 27 pounds.  Fred cut his caffeine out of his diet, gluten and followed my nutritional plan, now Fred is a new man..  

We require that you send pictures weekly or bi weekly depending on where your at in your time cycle of the year, pre-contest or off-season. This is one of the best ways to track your progress and make the necessary changes..












Contest Prep Service, Off-Season Muscle Mass Building Program, Figure Coaching

Hire Ken for your next Contest Prep Services, Off-Season Programs, Weight Loss Plans, Coaching Services, Phone & Email


IN PERSON COACHING (16 WEEKS) 3 days of 1 on 1 strength training $2500.00
includes all off season mass building program, contest prep, posing, meal planning and changes through out entire program, supplement help as well. You can also text, email 24/7 unlimited for questions and answers. We help our personal training clients daily by tracking all their progress.


$1500 – ONE-YEAR ELITE UNLIMITED CONTEST COACHING SERVICES: The contest prep includes everything you need to get in your best condition and an also off-season muscle workouts male or female. Both the PRE-CONTEST (DIET) PLAN or OFFSEASON PLAN for an entire year of service. You have access to me by text, phone or email 24/7, Unlimited question answering. (does not include in personal training 1 on one)

$850 – 16 CONTEST PREP (16 WEEKS): consists of customized meal plan diet, supplement recommendations, workout program, weekly progress & photo updates and body fat (if possible), and unlimited question answering throughout. Plus unlimited text, phone, and email messages.





$500 – 16 WEEKS OFF SEASON MASS BUILDING PLAN: consists of customized strength training program with progressions and rest times. Cardio plan and meal plan to build muscle not BULK UP! (male and female plans). Supplement recommendations, high protein customized diet with follow up pictures to make sure your not getting to heavy in the off-season, and unlimited questions and answers via email, text. We require before and progress pictures from start to finish.




$125 – 1-HOUR PHONE CONSULTATION: All questions answered regarding any subject you desire. Diet, nutrition, supplementation, super supplementation, training, relationship support, for a 60 minute time period.




$75 1/2-HOUR PHONE CONSULTATION: $All questions answered regarding any subject you desire. Diet, nutrition, supplementation, super supplementation, training, relationship issues, for a 30 minute time period.




$150 Last Week of Contest Prep: Diet, supplement stacks, sodium, water depletion, (NATURAL) diuretic usage, tanning, and posing advice.



$150 Per Month – TRAIN WITH US YEAR ROUND-  KEN KARNACK— UNLIMITED COACHING MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. Monthly subscription will be billed through Paypal account required!

PAY PAL EMAIL: [email protected]


Check out our latest SUCCESS STORY:



5th place Reno

Malika placed 5th in her first show in Reno this past year. Congrats on her placing.









Brittany got 2nd call out out of 20 girls in the bikini division, 1st show.

Brittany got 2nd call out out of 20 girls in the bikini division, 1st show.









MIchele lost 35 pounds in 90 days on my program

Alex Montes

Alex Montes worked with me for off season mass and pre contest, took 4th in the Clovis Bodybuilding Show last year under my guidance

Kris Nord 4th place in his first show Men's Physique Tahoe

Kris Nord 4th place in his first show Men’s Physique Tahoe


kris Nord






Ginnemae took 1stplace in Tahoe Bikini Division 2 time winner!

Ginnemae took 1st place in Tahoe Bikini Division 2 time winner!


Brent before at 235lbs. Brent After at 205lbs 90 days

Brent after 4 months of working with me and following my diet advice. 




NPC  Bodybuilding, Figure, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Bikini Schedule



3/23 Sacramento Governor’s Cup (F)




4/13 Culver City Grand Prix (MP)



5/4 Pittsburgh (6 1/2 weeks)

5/11 Hayward Contra Costa (Juniors Warm Up)


5/25 Cal State Culver City (F) (9 1/2 weeks)




6/22 Reno Reno (13 weeks)

6/22 New Orleans Greater Gulf States (B & MP)

6/29 San Jose San Jose (Team U, Masters, USA Warm Up)








8/10 Culver City Orange County (B)

8/24 Tahoe Tahoe (North American Warm Up)




9/7 Culver City Tournament of Champions (F)

9/26 Las Vegas OLYMPIA



10/5 San Francisco San Francisco

10/19 Culver City Titans Grand Prix (MP)



11/2 Sacramento Sacramento Show (B)

11/9 Culver City Iron Games (B)


Who Is Old School Fitness?

Old School Fitness online has been around for years, in fact the first coaching program has been around since the early 90’s.

Our goal is to make you into a lean machine of molted muscle, not a steroid freak of mass. Save that for the crazy guys. This is more like a men’s physique type of body, something you can stay natural, look natural and the girls will love to look at your sculpted abs, and chiseled glutes. We take a simple approach to our dieting regimen. We do keep you away from stimulants that ruins your adrenal glands and suppress the immune system and dehydrate you and your progress…

  • You DON’T need to spend hours on the treadmill!
  • You DON’T need to starve yourself!
  • You DON’T need to spend hours in the gym! (Who has time?)
  • You WON’T look like a steroid freak! (Pssst… women don’t like the muscle-head look anyway!)

You have a life. There is no need to live at the gym, 45 mins there, and your out! You’re a busy, that is ok, we can cater a program around your schedule.

Just check out what you will learn by training with us…

  • Tons of guys make this one crucial mistake – and they end up with a body that girls actually laugh at! You’ll find out how to avoid this disaster…
  • Want to get ripped without looking like a muscle-head steroid freak? Just follow these five easy weight-lifting tips!
  • You’ll discover how to blast away the fat using a surprising cardio secret! (Never again will you spend hours on a treadmill!)
  • Whoa: You’ll get 4 nutrition secrets that melt the fat – now you too can be ripped and shredded in no time!
  • At last, you’ll discover the truth about supplements… plus you’ll find out which 3 supplements will rocket you towards your weight-loss goals!
  • Ever started a diet or workout program and failed? You’ll never quit again once you discover these 2 surprisingly simple yet effective motivation tips!
  • You’ll discover a little-known way to blast through plateaus… you might even avoid them altogether, so you’ll achieve your fat-loss goals quicker than you ever thought possible!
  • And more! By the time you finish this seven part e-course, you’ll be well on your way to turning your stomach into a rock-hard washboard!

All you have to do is fill in your email address and name in the form to the right, click on the submit button and you’ll get the first lesson delivered instantly to your inbox! But hurry, this absolutely free offer may end at any time, so fill out the form now to avoid disappointment:

Subscribe now, because this is your year for taking your shirt off at the beach!

To A Stronger You,



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Colette Nelson -IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Diabetic educator - Registered Dietitian

Colette Nelson -IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Diabetic educator – Registered Dietitian


Anasci Uncensored Hardcore Bodybuilding


Call our office:


Ken Karnack (916) 805-0580

Coach Kenny

P.S. You don’t need to starve yourself or spend hours slogging away on the treadmill to get ripped – all you need is buy my personal fitness coach program, so subscribe now!

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