Will Kevin Levrone Compete in the Olympia?

  What do you think about Kevin coming back to the Olympia? I don’t know what to think other than its a crazy idea. y gut tells me to say whatever but Kevin Levrone is a genetic freak with confirmed 6 months of training on and 6 months off in between shows, even the Olympia. […]

Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

So you just finished a show and you did good, but you can always improve!  Have you been training on your own with out any guidance? So what would it take to get to the next level?  Most bodybuilders will come in the same shape, the size, the condition year after and expect to do […]

Preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest Doesn’t End at The Sacramento Gym

When most people think about a bodybuilding contest, they think of the months or years of preparation that the contestants have put into sculpting their physique. They imagine many hours spent in the gym, grunting and sweating as a bodybuilder focuses on the dynamic interplay between his or her stamina and strength. What they don’t […]

Prime Fitness Center Provider – Anytime Fitness of Folsom CA

Anytime Fitness of Folsom, CA is now a provider of the Prime Network with Healthy Lifestyles Prime Fitness Center Network –  Trader Joe’s of Folsom What is the Prime Fitness Center Network? The network offers employees a way to get a gym membership that is a health improvement sponsored fitness program in a health facility or a gym. Your […]

Take The Visalus Challenge

So are you up for a Visalus challenge? Is your weight just too hard to get rid of? Has your weight loss goal faded into the abyss  Now you can get a grip of your fat loss program and take the visalus challenge. The Visalus challenge is america’s top weight loss and body transformation program on the planet. […]

Bodybuilding Contest Prep- Posing Instruction

Bodybuilding Contest Prep With Posing Coach Ken Karnack, Sacramento’s Best Personal Trainer! Learn how to pose with personal trainer posing coach, Ken Karnack of Old School Fitness of Sacramento California.  Posing for a contest takes practice. Most people or bodybuilding contest prep competitors take this to lightly.  Practicing your posing 6 weeks out or longer […]