Bodybuilding Contest Prep

Preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest Doesn’t End at The Sacramento Gym

When most people think about a bodybuilding contest, they think of the months or years of preparation that the contestants have put into sculpting their physique. They imagine many hours spent in the gym, grunting and sweating as a bodybuilder focuses on the dynamic interplay between his or her stamina and strength. What they don’t […]

Stop Bulking Up And Start Gaining Muscle

                            If you’ve spent any time reading about weight training, bodybuilding, or the general concept of gaining muscle…   …. you’ve likely read about ‘bulking’ up.   The phrase itself is a bit of a social cliche now, especially when celebrity talk […]

Bodybuilding Contest: Your First Contest

Most likely if you’re reading this you’re thinking about entering your first bodybuilding contest.   The idea thrills you but it also make you a little nervous inside. Getting things done right the first time will ensure you that won’t make any costly mistakes during the competition. Your first contest may also be the one […]

Bodybuilding Contest Prep- Posing Instruction

Bodybuilding Contest Prep With Posing Coach Ken Karnack, Sacramento’s Best Personal Trainer! Learn how to pose with personal trainer posing coach, Ken Karnack of Old School Fitness of Sacramento California.  Posing for a contest takes practice. Most people or bodybuilding contest prep competitors take this to lightly.  Practicing your posing 6 weeks out or longer […]