The Biggest Story of the Olympia Weekend: Will Iris Kyle Live in Infamy?

Written by Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB Women’s Historian The Biggest Story of the Olympia Weekend: Will Iris Kyle Live in Infamy? By Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB Women’s Historian The 2013 Olympia Weekend is upon us and no contest stirs more interest among fans and the cognoscenti of the sport than this multifaceted event.  Bodies are on display at […]

HIgh Protein Nanny’s Apple Pie Oats | Sacramento

Hey if you want a sweet, high protein, breakfast idea (and you like apple pie) check out this recipe. I just tried it.   It’s called Nanny’s Apple Pie Oats In Sacramento   Ingredients   • . cup oatmeal • . cup oat bran • 1 apple (cored and diced) • ½ cup unsweetened apple […]

Over The Hill: How To Take Care Of Your Health After 50

Over The Hill: How to take care of your health after 50 When you the tender years of midlife, you start prioritizing yourself more and less about anything else. After all, you’ve given all those years back to things other than yourself. And when those years come, everyone earns the right to be selfish. However, […]

Personal Trainer Salary

Personal Trainer Salary – Get The Facts On Personal Trainer Income Information and facts Personal trainer salary can vary widely centered on the variety of things, together with geographic location, education/credentials, experience degree, and specialization. As particular conditioning changes from a luxury into a necessity while in the eyes on the public, anticipate a continued escalating de­mand […]

Fire Your Trainer

Fire Your Trainer An excellent trainer pays attention to form, and to you, so you have no need to fire your trainer. At times it is hard to fire your trainer is usually harder than breaking up having a friend. We’ve a weird intimacy with our trainers; even though we only see them an hour […]

4 Worst Breakfast Items (Don’t Eat)

Breakfast can be tricky or set your day off on the wrong foot if you don’t make the right choices. Here’s some tips and tricks to help you get a great jumpstart on your day… 1. Breakfast pastry: muffins, doughnuts, bear claws and croissants sure taste good with coffee, but all those refined carbs are going […]

Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digits on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain.One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 lbs […]

Eldorado Hills Personal Training

Nowadays one of the most intimidating and lingering issues for most people is losing weight. As today we see thin and skinny people all the time on television commercials we think bout ourselves and how we want to look like them and start distinguishing ourselves based on the amount of additional fat put on by […]

Rancho Cordova Fitness

Searching for a way to loose the unwanted belly fat it seems that most people are convinced that they do not need to join a fitness club or hire a fitness trainer in Rancho Cordova  in order to get in the best shape of their lives.  They are under the  impression that only they can […]

Sacramento Weight Loss

If you have constantly been trying to lose some weight and have seen very little results or you are not succeeding in doing it at all by even changing your diet and using all kinds of weight losing drugs. Then you must waste no time and join the Sacramento weight loss as you can see […]