Burn More Fat In Less Time With HIIT Cardio

Burn More Fat In Less Time With HIIT Cardio

So here is your best resource to burn fat faster than you ever had before and ramp up your metabolic rate.  Most people are of the mindset that you need to do more and longer cardio, 1 hour a day, tehn 1.5 then 2 and so on to get lean.  This is only going to make you soft and weak.   Lets say you need to burn off 20 pounds that is 70,000 calories.  devide that by lets say 15 weeks until June 1st..  that equals= 4,666 calories a week or 667 per day.  On teh treadmill at 3.5 i can burn 138 calories.  There is some work to do.  to make yuor life easier, try HIIT training.  Go for a 5 minute warm up on stairs then high 1 minute and 2 low minutes at 60-80% of your target heart rate.

So here is the protocol:

Stairs 3 days a week for 20 minutes MAX…NO MORE

5 min warm up

1 min high -all out max

2 mins low recovery

Burn more fat

HIIT training to burn fat faster and faster.


repeat for 20 mins – if you dare.. .


remeber that this doesn;t sound very hard, but stairs will kick your butt.  Start with long strides, go as hard as you can and push yourself.  The rest times for 2 mins should be trying to get your heart rate to lower bu 20 beats in 1 min or more..


normal ranges for 60-80% max heart rate are different for everone.


Finding Your Target Heart Rate:

220 – age= value

take that value and multiply it by .60 then by .80 and you will have your values

EX:  220-40= 180

180x .6= 108 (LOW HR)

180x .8= 144 (HIGH HR)

So what I would like to see is how many people wil actually try this type of workout and report your results.  leave a coment below and lets get you ripped….


Coach Kenny

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