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Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Questions Answered! Get Your Personal Training, Fitness and Bodybuilding Questions & Answers Frequently Asked Questions Old School Fitness Welcome’s you to get the skinny on Questions on Sacramento Personal Trainer  in California. Our personal trainer & weight loss and bodybuilding blog is a great fitness resource to get all the answers to your […]

Will Kevin Levrone Compete in the Olympia?

  What do you think about Kevin coming back to the Olympia? I don’t know what to think other than its a crazy idea. y gut tells me to say whatever but Kevin Levrone is a genetic freak with confirmed 6 months of training on and 6 months off in between shows, even the Olympia. […]

The Biggest Story of the Olympia Weekend: Will Iris Kyle Live in Infamy?

Written by Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB Women’s Historian The Biggest Story of the Olympia Weekend: Will Iris Kyle Live in Infamy? By Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB Women’s Historian The 2013 Olympia Weekend is upon us and no contest stirs more interest among fans and the cognoscenti of the sport than this multifaceted event.  Bodies are on display at […]

Off Season Bodybuilding Diet

So you just finished a show and you did good, but you can always improve!  Have you been training on your own with out any guidance? So what would it take to get to the next level?  Most bodybuilders will come in the same shape, the size, the condition year after and expect to do […]

The Anatomy Of Strength – How STRONG Can You REALLY Get?

Last time, we talked about the differences in “Aggregate Strength” and “Specific Strength”… and how focusing on specific strength can be a big pitfall.   Today, we’re gonna talk about the fundamentals of what creates “strength”… and how some guys can be super strong without being HUGE…   (like rip a sink out of a […]