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Will Kevin Levrone Compete in the Olympia?

  What do you think about Kevin coming back to the Olympia? I don’t know what to think other than its a crazy idea. y gut tells me to say whatever but Kevin Levrone is a genetic freak with confirmed 6 months of training on and 6 months off in between shows, even the Olympia. […]

Bodybuilding Contest Prep- Posing Instruction

Bodybuilding Contest Prep With Posing Coach Ken Karnack, Sacramento’s Best Personal Trainer! Learn how to pose with personal trainer posing coach, Ken Karnack of Old School Fitness of Sacramento California.  Posing for a contest takes practice. Most people or bodybuilding contest prep competitors take this to lightly.  Practicing your posing 6 weeks out or longer […]

Men’s Physique Contest Prep

Men”s Physique DivisionMen”s Physique Division Introduced by The NPC When the NPC Board of Governors met in Atlanta, Georgia a new division was announced… “Men’s Physique”. Next year (2011), the NPC will implement the men”s physique division and we could see the IFBB follow suit in 2012. We’ll have to wait and see on the IFBB front […]

How To Get Ripped Fast

How To Get Ripped Fast- How To Do It Right Those with perfect bodies have the following: muscles, a symmetrical and balanced shape, and abs that are well defined. Basically, the idea is to get  ripped fast and to the bone and maybe even a little shredded. For those who are unsure of how to […]

Fat Loss Secret – Sacramento

Fat Loss Secret – Sacramento Personal Trainer Guide To Fat Loss In my last email I showed you, step-by-step, how to figure out the exact number of calories you need to lose fat, gain muscle, sculpt, shape, tone, tighten… it’s a goal-based formula so it always works. The fat loss secret is a live and […]

Personal Trainer Salary

Personal Trainer Salary – Get The Facts On Personal Trainer Income Information and facts Personal trainer salary can vary widely centered on the variety of things, together with geographic location, education/credentials, experience degree, and specialization. As particular conditioning changes from a luxury into a necessity while in the eyes on the public, anticipate a continued escalating de­mand […]

Fire Your Trainer

Fire Your Trainer An excellent trainer pays attention to form, and to you, so you have no need to fire your trainer. At times it is hard to fire your trainer is usually harder than breaking up having a friend. We’ve a weird intimacy with our trainers; even though we only see them an hour […]

Best Fitness Classes to lose weight

Best Fitness Classes to lose weight Individuals wanting to slim down will probably want to join fitness classes created for losing pounds. This can raise apparent queries about which fitness classes in the event you sign up for if you wish to lose a lot of weight. There’s not one response to this as you […]

Best Exercise Equipment

Best Exercise Equipment The following advice are extremely useful in reaching and looking after the perfect bodyweight. This is particularly ideal for women given that they cope with several things happening within their physiques and therefore are weaker to brittle bones. Possess some character of strength public funds. Finding yourself in an exercise society maybe […]