Assessment Of Bodybuilding Events Posing Contest Preparation

Assessment Of Bodybuilding Events Posing Contest Preparation

Posing and Assessment in Bodybuilding

Figure athlete competing in the Governors Cup Sacramento california

Figure athlete competing in the Governors Cup Sacramento california

Posing is one of the most underrated element by bodybuilders, participants who do posing with perfect muscle could win the game although he has not the best. When the judges see and evaluate you on stage, they see and evaluate:

Muscle mass. Perception of muscle size. Has become the foundation of bodybuilding since the initial assessment. Muscle mass is not the only measurement, other qualities are necessary if the assessment process. Whoever is doing the diet correctly able to advance to the stage with the body is very dry (lean) but it does not make them bodybuilders. Definition bodybuilder muscle mass should have a much larger than normal people
The muscle definition. Muscle definition clearly shows how your muscles with low levels of fat under the skin. Muscle definition is needed to show how far the development of your physical. definition becomes important to show your muscle mass development clearly. A large man can only have a 50 cm bicep muscle, but has no muscle definition. Bodybuilders should be able to show his muscles clearly, it is characterized by low levels of fat under the skin that can cover the muscle definition.

Muscle symmetry and proportion. Symmetry is a balanced development between the muscle right and left parts of the body’s muscles. The proportion of the body is a balance between the development of muscle mass is one body with another body muscle mass. Basically the body part that “strong” must be proportionate or balanced with body parts that “weak”. The bodybuilder should strive to obtain a balanced muscle development among different muscle groups. Chest muscles are large and muscular can look ugly if you have a small foot muscles, as well as the large triceps muscle must be balanced with a greater bicep muscle that showed symmetrical muscle development. It’s hard to hide the muscles that do not grow if you do not wear anything but panties match, therefore train the muscles that you feel is lacking.

Presentation Stage. The presentation stage is the performance of the force (poses) and other factors such as tone (color) skin, hair style, charisma and posture. effective presentation is vital to demonstrate the physical development of your potential. The presentation stage is a vital point to show your body to the jury. You can just have the best physical on stage, but if you can not show your value will go down in the eyes of the jury.

Compulsory poses and free poses can different between each contest, learn some pose that required. It would be very embarrassing if you cannot perform the desired pose of the jury, in general pose a required are : Front Double Biceps, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest, Side Triceps, Rear Double Biceps, Rear Lat Spread, Abdominal Pose, Most Muscular,




Posing Guide

My Olympia 2011, 12

My Olympia 2011, 12

The best way is to go to competitions as a spectator, to find out the furrows of the competition and the time required for each pose.

Poses a guide through the video is the best way to learn and practice various poses at home. A good video covers how to perform compulsory poses and the free poses, and what not to do.

Intensively practicing. Perform poses that require very high strength and endurance. It is difficult to stretch the muscles of the ankle up to your head when trying to appear relaxed. Practice hour per day on days of competition preparation.

Supplementation with potassium. Potassium helps to prevent muscle cramps. It would be very embarrassing when you have cramps when doing poses on stage.




















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