5 Easy Ways to Burning Body Fat, Naturally

5 Easy Ways to Burning Body Fat, Naturally

5 Tips To Burning Body Fat, Naturally

If your like most people burning body fat is very hard to achieve. I have seen people make dramatic results in a short time by following these simple rules.

Rule 1
Always eat 25 grams of protein for breakfast. Eating protein first thing in the morning will increase your metabolism by 30-35%. If you do this you will burn more fat even at rest, working out and even sleeping.

Rule 2
Eat your body weight in protein. Most people were tought to reduce their protein intake and overall we keep getting fatter. Those that increase protein to equal of body weight will maintain their body weight and reduce the amount of body fat they carry. Protein is very has a low glycemic value as well as a high thermic value (heat production) that will increase your metabolism.

Rule 3
Do not miss meals! Over the years most people miss too many meals. this forces your brain to recognize that there is a lack of nutrients and starts to use muscle for fuel. Bad for burning body fat. Eat every 3-4 hours daily. if you have a had time getting food prepared then supplment with a protein drink or bar.

Rule 4
Do your cardio 4-6 days a week. Cardio programs are left understood. You have to give it time. Too many times we tend to think that a few days of cardio and the fat will melt off. You need a few weeks for the fat burning enzymes in your body( fatty acids) to build up to begin really fat burning. Not to worry, you should see some sort of weight loss quickly if you stay off your cell phone and work up a good sweat. 🙂

Rule 5
If your not already doing it, add strength training. Weight load is very hard on your body and nervous system and will ramp up your burning body fat process, instantly. Weight training hives you 24 hour increase in metabolism, unlike cardio that will “add” to your fat burning process.

Best advice! Do it all and do it often. There is no limit to fat burning, and no excuses for you to not be able to lose weight. For more help on your exercise program let us know how your doing and comment on our blog! thanks


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