4 Worst Breakfast Items (Don’t Eat)

4 Worst Breakfast Items (Don’t Eat)

Breakfast can be tricky or set your day off on the wrong foot if you don’t make the right choices.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you get a great
jumpstart on your day…

1. Breakfast pastry: muffins, doughnuts, bear claws and
croissants sure taste good with coffee, but all those refined
carbs are going to cause unwanted weight gain.

2. Granola Bars: watch out for the breakfast bars that claim
to give you fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Check the number of carbs and sugars on the back of the label –
most contain the same sugar as a pastry.

3. Cereal: here’s another popular breakfast item that has tons of
sugar lurking beneath its surface.

Only eat cereal that has no added sugar and that contains some
protein and healthy fat.

4. Drive Thru Breakfast Sandwich: don’t even think about
heading to the drive thru for a quick breakfast sandwich.

Instead grab a hard boiled egg from home to enjoy on your
commute. (or make your own version at home)

So before rushing out the door in the morning, make sure to give
yourself a good start to the day. Fuel yourself up with a quick,
healthy breakfast.


Healthy eating goes hand in hand with maintaining a consistent
and challenging exercise program, so follow these guidelines to
get the double-whammy on reaching your goals.

Hope you have an AWESOME day!

Ken Karnack

Old School Fitness

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