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Old School fitness

Old School fitness

Who Is Personal Trainer Ken Karnack


My name is Ken Karnack and I am a certified Personal Trainer in Sacramento California and a NPC Masters National Competitive bodybuilder. After 27 years of weight training, and designing fitness programs at the ripe old age of 42 I decided to jump back intobodybuilding once again, since I started to gain unwanted body fat over the last 5 or more years. Yes, even a fitness trainer, I still had a hard time keeping my weight down, so I decided to change that by holding myself accountable. Everyone told me that I looked like I worked out and it felt good until I took a picture of myself. That inspired me to get back into shape.

After years of hormone imbalances, I started researching foods, nutrients and how that was affecting my body. I was overeating and feed my Insulin levels and teaching myself how to store fat… Now I have no cravings for carbohydrates, sugar and sweets and my body fat is stabilized.  I picked a show date and started my bodybuilding contest diet 16 weeks away and I went to work. I know most of you will not be interested in doing bodybuilding contest diet or fitness contest, but I’ll bet that deep down inside, if you could look like one or on some small scale, kinda look like one, right?

Lean, Fit, In Shape, or even ripped to the bone, this program is for you. You will lose weight, burn more fat than ever thought possible in short time frame. During my pre-contest diet phase, I lost over 38 pounds, and my body fat dropped by 16% and I was not hungry, grumpy and I didn’t lose any lean muscle.


Below is a result of 16 weeks of dieting.  This progression was over a 3 year period Starting in April 2010 up to this ass June 2013. Starting weight, 235lbs @ 24%bf down to 196lbs @ 8%bf. Currently 223lbs @ 11%bf
Ken At 235 lbs and 24% BF                  This is Ken in the off season in 2013 at 223lbs


My results.. I lost over 38 pounds of fat and 16% body fat.. It was a great experience for me and working as a personal trainer in Sacramento, I tried the program on a few of my clients. The result… a success.. and so the story goes…
Tania Hicks did the same fitness program for 16 weeks, and at 47 years old she kicked some serious butt… Starting weight 130 LBS,  23% BF— 16 week later— 118 LBS, 12 %BF… She won her class at the Sacramento Bodybuilding show at a rock solid 116, 11% BF. She also went on to place 1st again in figure and 5th in Reno, and 6th in Sacramento in figure over 50…

Simple put, this stuff works… Period. There is no age limit to burning fat, the body know how to get rid of it and it will with the right tools.

In fact, after years in the fitness and personal training industry, there is one thing I learned and that is that the major health and fitness clubs like Bally’s, 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime, LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym, only really care about one thing and one thing only…. EFT”S… For those of you who have not heard about that before it
is your Electronic Funds Transfer. You know the drill, you go in and it is like a shark attack from the sales consultants…

They ask you to fill out a form called a boiler plate fitness form. Asking you the same old questions.

How long has it been since you were in your best shape? ( the procrastination close)
. When is the last time you workout seriously ? (the embarrassment close)
. Will this be for you or someone else? (spousal close)
and blah, blah, blah…..

Oh yeah, notice the consultant writing down your info, as your talking? It doesn’t give you the warm fuzzes, does it? It is a qualifying process to get you in the door and everything that you write down they are thought to use “your” own words against you if you decide to not join.. People buy from whom they know, like and trust..
“Which of the following are you sick and tired of dealing with the most?”

  • Restrictive diets (like HCG) that never work or are too hard to stick too
  • Not feeling attractive because of your ‘extra layer’ of fat
  • Having to settle for a body you just aren’t happy with
  • The Guilt of not fitting in your workout, even when you know you should
  • Constant worry about how you look and self-conscious behavior
  • Long boring workouts with too many exercises
  • Having to shop for new clothes in stores called “Plus Size”?
  • Waking up in the morning and your extra weight is the first thing you think of
  • Endless hours in that gym with no guidance, no fitness plan or help.

The Problem in  The Fitness Industry
You see, here is the snag…. Our brains are addicted to carbs! It is true. There are essential proteins, essential fats and there are no essential carbohydrates, are there? I cannot find one, and all the fat burning experts that I ask and all the so called GURU personal fitness trainers can’t answer that question.. Most times they look at me like I am crazy! Maybe.. However, the one thing that I do know is that when I get people off carbs and get the right amount of fatty acids in your program, they make changes.. and in most cases, fast changes.
With so people over the years that I see doing the wrong exercises or they use bad or poor form, or just have very little to show for the fitness program they are using. I can’t help but think, how can I help them. Some people are doing such bad form these days that they are asking for a painful day after the workout. Where are the trainers in the gyms? On the phone? Chatting with their clients on Facebook, writing on the clipboard? One would think that after all these years and all the training of personal trainers this would not be a problem, and it is getting worse…

To me there only 3 Fundamental Components to weight loss:

  • Weight Training
  • Food Intake
  • Cardiovascular Training

there is it..

The The Fitness Formula 40 is The Solution

Here it is, the Fitness Formula 40. It is so basic and simple even a caveman can do it. We designed a program that is low carb based, moderate proteins and moderate healthy fats. Unlike most low carb at burning programs in the past, they all missed out on the idea that when you take away certain nutrients from your muscles you need to add back in what you took away. Unlike the old Atkins diet, or the new HCG diet, taking away the calories starves your muscles, yeah you feel ok, but your muscles are still starving for important nutrients.

The Fitness Formula 40 will solve these issues and help your body get your body back in balance and start living a much healthier life..
Contest Prep Coaching $75 /month includes custom meals plans, custom strength training program, and cardio plan.

Also includes monthly text, email, posing instruction (Skype)

Monthly Option


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